Who We Are

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Meet the team.

Our team rocks. We trust each other. Our Mission at Eleven Digital is to remain focused on optimizing the way the advertising and entertainment industries work in tandem to deliver better experiences for consumers at scale. It is why we are the first to develop an entire Ad-Tech suite for content. Right now, we deliver a better Ad experience for Brands, Agencies, Publishers, and Audiences simultaneously. Eleven Digital makes commercial free the new commercial.

Elkanah Reed
Elkanah ReedCEO & Founder
Malik Reid
Malik ReidCOO
Leslie Cohen
Leslie CohenAdvisor
Irina Shames
Irina ShamesAdvisor
Virginie Haemmerli
Virginie HaemmerliAdvisor
Andy Faberlle
Andy FaberlleAdvisor
Rafi Mamalian
Rafi MamalianAdvisor
Allison Young
Allison YoungAdvisor
Jocelyn McDowell
Jocelyn McDowellAdvisor
Robert Sherry
Robert SherryAdvisor
Phil Ranta
Phil RantaAdvisor
Rob Griffin
Rob GriffinAdvisor
Charles Orlando
Charles OrlandoAdvisor
Will Schmal
Will SchmalAdvisor
Gene Yraola
Gene YraolaAdvisor