Eleven For Publishers

The only Sales Enablement tool built for branded entertainment.

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Why Eleven?

Because we’re literally built just for you. 

Exponentially increase revenue with Branded Entertainment

Eleven is the only solution built to optimize and scale your branded entertainment sales.

Bringing the branded entertainment industry up to speed with today’s tech standards allows us to bring you an exponential in demand. We’re literally injecting your inventory into the bloodstream of Adtech.  Not only that, but we empower you with the tools to deal with this increase in demand. Our system is built to work with how the entertainment industry works, as opposed to how traditional “Publisher” (a website) works.

We make content production profitable.

If you’ve got an idea and audience, you can fund funding on Eleven.

Turn your ideas into realities with help from advertisers that want to be a part of the action. Eleven helps producers source funding needed to produce whatever they can think of, which means you can produce more content, with less commercials. It’s a win for everyone involved!

Built for your entire team.

Eleven brings Sales and Creative teams together.

We build for the entertainment industry, and would never want the entertainment to suffer.  So While Eleven’s system is fetching demand for your inventory, You’ll still need to vet the incoming demand by both the Creative and Sales teams.

Sales Teams: we’ve made it super simple for your sales teams to review the request coming in, as well as set pricing, list inventory, and handle the advertiser’s needs.

Creative Teams: Creatives of all sorts can be invited to Eleven to approve/deny requests from advertisers as well. This way, no one’s stepping on the toes of the writers, producers, showrunners, and creative minds behind the content. This way, everyone knows what’s on the table, and artistic integrity is preserved.

It’s like Upfronts, but automated.

All you’d expect from an Upfronts style Sales solution, and then some.

Much like TV’s Upfronts, Eleven helps publishers source brand deals as soon as they announce a new show/series months in advance. What’s unique about our solution is that we also inject your inventory into the bloodstream of Adtech. This means advertisers can access your inventory and place orders directly from their traditional DSP’s. That being the case, our Sales Solution is built to help you handle this increase in demand with specialized features that only exist on Eleven.

Start driving more revenue today.