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The only system specifically designed to plan, buy, and track branded entertainment programatically.

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Buy Content, Not Commercials

Eleven For Advertisers is built to become your “Branded Entertainment Command Center” when planning any media that’s not a traditional ad unit.

Eleven is built for content, not commercials. We’re taking that old-school “Soap Operas by P&G” style of advertising and bringing it up to today’s standard of adtech. When you think Eleven, think, Product Placements, Branded Series, Episodes, Storylines, Sketches, Influencer Content, Podcasts – basically anything that doesn’t interrupt the entertainment experience.

Access the best inventory on earth.

Premium Publishers. Premium Inventory. Premium Experiences.

Our “Publishers” aren’t websites, they’re content producers. They cover the entire entertainment industry, from Influencers to Major TV/Film producers. We’ve even got a few Podcasts! Our publishers list inventory with ample lead time, sometimes months before it’s even been produced, so you can access the best integrated entertainment inventory on the planet the second it’s up for sale.

So easy your intern can use it.

You’d think coordinating something as custom as branded entertainment at scale would be a pain, but luckily, we’ve got it down to 5 simple steps.

Create a campaign to handpick publishers and what inventory you want from them. Alternatively, you can submit an RFP to the Open Exchange to receive pitches from the vendors themselves. 

  1. Create a Campaign (or RFP)
  2. Create an Audience Segment
  3. Find Publishers that reach your audience (Create an Order)
  4. Select what inventory you want to buy from them. (Add Line Items to those Order)
  5. Keep up with how your branded content is performing directly from Eleven For Advertisers or your DSP of choice.

Did we mention we were integrated into pretty much everything?

Yeah, we’re able to integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack, which opens up a whole realm of new possibilities.

  • Demand Side Platforms: Utilize our Open Direct API to place orders directly from your traditional DSP, or, pass creative from Eleven into your DSP of choice to use the creative as a traditional ad.
  • Data Management Platforms: Integrate your own 1st and 3rd party datasets into our DMP, straight from your own.
  • Third Party Platforms: We’ve even got a few platforms like Pluto.Tv ready to amplify your branded entertainment by hosting it as content.

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