MCN’s are the new TV Network

We mean that, and we have built Eleven to literally allow you to manage and sell creator channel inventory just like a Cable TV Network.

Manage Deal Flow

Manage deal flow and campaigns from any source, including the Eleven BCX (“Branded Content Exchange”), partnered influencer marketing platforms, your direct sales, and traditional media buying platforms (DSP’s) all from one place.

Package Channels

Package channels and creative projects for campaigns with Eleven SSP (“Supply Side Platform”) using Eleven’s Proprietary “Stacks” Technology to makes sure your roster is always the first to be considered for brand offers.

Pitch Creative

Pitch your own creative ideas and brand integration strategies to brand to fund massive branded content projects across your entire inventory of Channels. 

Unlock New Revenue Streams

We open several new revenues streams for your channels by monetizing underutilized video formats and platforms like Instagram + Snapchat Stories, or Live streaming apps like Twitch, or Younow.

Eleven can make you money anywhere your creators have an audience.

Inventory + Yield Management

EFP’s (Eleven For Publishers) direct sales and inventory management products maximize productivity of Talent agents, MCN’s, and Content Creators themselves within a unified system.

It’s designed to help vendors achieve 100% fill on inventory by providing a “Command Center” for Suppliers to manage all incoming deal flow, so they can focus on being creative.

Better tools. More Money.