Talent Agencies

Do More for Your Clients Everyday

Our system is built to make it simple to manage incoming deals for your digital talent roster. Increased efficiency means you have more time to make more money.

Eleven also increases the volume of branded content request you’ve got coming down the pipeline.

We are your all-in-one management tool.   

Easy Team Collaboration

As an agent, you can package and pitch your talent roster right from the platform and hand off deals to management for review before inventory has been sold.

Talent Agency comp fees are even built into the platform. 

Get More Gigs for Your Talent

Think of Eleven as your plug into the advertising world, that re-routes deal flow from traditional ad-tech sources, and brings them to you to fulfill.

Big media budgets only.

Unlock New Revenue

We open several new revenues streams for your channels by monetizing underutilized video formats like Instagram Stories, Livestreams, Snapchat, YouNow, and many more.