Eleven App For Vendors



Eleven Digital sees vendors at the entire ecosystem that operates around Media & Entertainment. Vendors are Agents, Managers, Media Executives, and MCN’s who use Eleven’s data to monetize their talent at unprecedented levels.

With Eleven for the 1st time, Vendors can sell their talent to Global Brands at scale. The top 200 Advertisers spent $198M in 2016 alone. Eleven helps advertisers transform their brands into forms of self-expression and increase household penetration for the brand our technology serves.

Eleven Big Data Solution has done the hard work of organizing the data behind the media channels who share their entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and SVODs (like Netflix). Publishers connect their Media Channels to Eleven App and our tech will analyze your Media Channels against 20,000 data points around real-time consumer behavior.

Our data refreshes every 90 Days. Eleven backs every campaign with our proprietary Branded Entertainment Effectiveness Study.  Eleven  enables Global Brands to understand the effectiveness of their digital communications.

Eleven Digital tracks the total universe on every Social Platform organized by country. For example there are over 165M people in the US who are on youtube. Now 82.7M people are female and  82.2M are male. Eleven can do these calculations in seconds. Eleven then allows you to analyze your media channels against over 20,000 data points in seconds.

Learn about how your audience feels about Johnson & Johnson, P&G, or Burberry. In addition, Eleven shows if they have bought a product online in the last 90 days from any online device. With Eleven, the combinations are endless.

In addition,you can see how many women ages 25-34 who are on Youtube who bought a car in the last 6 months. That number is 3.1M and then you can use Eleven to optimize your Media spend to target that audience with Branded Entertainment. Hence, if you were designing a Car Show on youtube that focused on women ages 25 -34, and you got 6M Views behind your content in demo each month, then that means your content was moving this target audience 2x.



Let’s take it to the next level, Chevrolet & Toyota are the two most advertised brands of 2016 who spent over $1.6B on advertising. Offering branded entertainment that is explicitly targeted to a key Demo for both these companies help the Media and Entertainment Companies that have access to Eleven’s Big Data Solution to get a larger slice of the advertising budgets of these major forces in the automotive industry.


Eleven can also show you female consumers who are looking to buy a car in the next 6 month. With over 18M Panelist worldwide, Eleven has the largest amount of 1st party known truth data to equip Vendors to get a larger slice of the $198 Billion Dollars the top 200 Advertisers spent in the US alone.

With Eleven, the rise of Branded Entertainment is now.