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Branded Entertainment at the speed and scale of Ad-tech

Eleven enables the advertising and entertainment industries to collaborate on branded entertainment, with the speed, scale, and efficiency of traditional Adtech. It’s all the things you love about ad-tech, applied to branded entertainment.

Not Your Father’s Ads

(Because no one likes those anyway)

In a world where ads are being blocked, skipped, or ignored, the best way to reach an audience is to become a part of the entertainment itself. Our technology makes getting branded entertainment a breeze. Take a look at what the end product of these deals looks like below.

Branded Series

Branded Series, or, Branding within series in the form of title sponsorships, branded segments, overlays, sketches, storylines and more – all can be purchased directly from premium publishers via Eleven. 

Product Placement

Whether it’s a passive or active product placement, if a publishers has room to integrate you into their content, you’ll be able to claim that spot right from Eleven. In the example show, those “Eggos” could’ve easily been “Pop-tarts” – Our marketplace solution, 

Branded Podcasts

Eleven works with podcasts as well! Just like their video counterparts, Podcasts can be tapped for both custom content, or integrations within existing content. In the shown example, HBO’s Insecure has tapped Podcasters to create a completely new recaps show, one of the many possibilities we bring. 

Influencer Content

Just like TV shows and Webseries, Influencers and popular content creators also use eleven to source branded entertainment. Our Inventory system allows advertisers to plan influencer content at scale, just like any other media channel. We treat Youtube channels like TV channels.

Think of us like Double Click For Branded Entertainment

Eleven’s packed full of features you’d expect from normal ad-tech but applies it to non-traditional inventory.

Our News

Check out our blog for branded entertainment news, and insider tips and tricks for planning branded entertainment.

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